Heavy Duty Racking

Call the experts at BSES Ltd for heavy duty racking installations. Heavy duty racking increases the amount of weight the system can hold as well as accommodating for wide loads.

Choose your needed heavy duty racking system

If your business hold stock items that are heavy in weight or class as a wide load item, call BSES Ltd. We offer a range of exceptional heavy duty racking systems to help you store your oversized stock. Feel free to call us if you need expert advice on which heavy duty racking your business would best benefit from.

Heavy duty pallet racking

Heavy duty racking can come in various colours and sizes and are the best option for storing your wide load or extra heavy items. Unlike standard racking parts, universal beam (UB) sections are used which are commonly found in buildings. Call BSES Ltd today to discuss your requirements.

Which heavy duty racking

  • Cantilever

  • Coil

  • Vertical

  • Rack clad