Rack Protection

Call the experts at BSES Ltd to ensure the safety of your racking systems.
Rack protection is available in the different options listed below.

Keep your racking safe

Rack protection products can help you to prevent and limit the damage done to racking from forklift trucks collisions and other hazards in warehouse or factory operations, ensuring a long life for your storage system and improving the health and safety of your staff.

There are a wide range of protection products available, and all can be applied to many of the types of storage systems. The rack protection systems you require will depend on the type of racking or storage system you have installed, the equipment used with it, and the potential for collisions or accidents to occur.

Different rack protection

  • Corner and Column Guards

    Floor mounted steel protection from low level damage for racking corners and uprights.

  • E Rail Barrier Kits

    Strong protection for pallet racking end frames available in a range of sizes to suit specifications.

  • End Protection Barriers

    Available in a range of dimensions to match requirements, this is a heavy duty protection system for vulnerable areas of racking.

  • Tubular Barriers

    A robust barrier for rack end protection supplied in a range of lengths to suit different rack widths.

  • Protect-it Column Guards

    Shock absorbent protection against low and high impacts that has no need of additional fixings for quick and simple attachment to pallet racking uprights.

  • Upright Metal Guard Kits

    Cost effective and shock absorbent protection for individual uprights.